CureFactor for Duodenal Ulcer

Duodenal Ulcer: Duodenal ulcer is common gastrointestinal disorder characterised by dyspepsia,pain(hunger pain). Duodenal ulcer is caused due to ulceration of mucosal lining of duodenum which is […]

CureFactor for Peptic ulcer

Peptic ulcer: Peptic ulcer is common gastrointestinal  disorder caused due to gastrointestinal mucosal ulceration in acid bearing regions,formed and maintained by acid pepsin digestion and characterised by dyspepsia and […]

CureFactor for Gastritis

Gastritis: Gastritis is a common gastrointestinal  disorder,caused due to inflammation of gastric mucosal lining characterised by epigastric pain,nausea and vomiting. ETIOLOGY: Causes of Gastritis are classified […]

CureFactor for Hiatus hernia

Hiatus hernia: Hiatus hernia is common gastrointestinal  disorder, caused due to herniation of gastric mucosa and lower part of oesophagus within the chest cavity through esophageal hiatus […]

CureFactor for Leukoplakia

Leukoplakia: Leukoplakia is condition that affects the gastrointestinal l tract especially the gums,tongue,lip,cheek. Leukoplakia is a premalignant condition(condition that may become malignant if not treated early) slowly developing change […]