CureFactor for Hiatus hernia

Hiatus hernia: Hiatus hernia is common gastrointestinal  disorder, caused due to herniation of gastric mucosa and lower part of oesophagus within the chest cavity through esophageal hiatus […]

CureFactor for Leukoplakia

Leukoplakia: Leukoplakia is condition that affects the gastrointestinal l tract especially the gums,tongue,lip,cheek. Leukoplakia is a premalignant condition(condition that may become malignant if not treated early) slowly developing change […]

CureFactor for Fluorosis

Fluorosis: Fluorosis a condition resulting from excessive prolonged ingestion of fluoride and characterised by mottling of dental enamel and osteosclerosis. ETIOLOGY: Fluorosis is caused due to excessive […]

CureFactor for Epidemic dropsy

Epidemic dropsy: Epidemic dropsy is tropical disease caused due to consumption of adulterated mustard oil with argemone. Epidemic dropsy is characterised by systemic illness affecting […]

CureFactor for Tropical sprue

Tropical sprue: Tropical sprue is ailmentary deficiency in gastric secretion and inability to absorb adequately glucose,calcium and certain other constituents. Tropical sprue is characterised by […]

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CureFactor for Rabies

Rabies: Rabies an acute viral infection caused due to the virus ‘rabies virus’. Rabies virus affects the central nervous system,characterised by marked irritability,anxiety,fear,dysphagia moderate fever […]

CureFactor for Bacillary dysentery

Bacillary dysentery: Bacillary dysentery is common tropical disease caused by shigella group of organisms. Bacillary dysentery is an acute infection of the large intestine characterised by tenesmus,small,frequent,bloody […]

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