CureFactor for Vertigo



Vertigo is sensation of turning of the individual or his environment caused by disease of the labyrinth(ear) of its central connection. Again vertigo is sign that seems to be due to some problem in the ear.


  1. Peripheral(otological)causes(causes that lie within the ear)
  • Any kind of pathological changes in ear( ear is divided into external ear,middle ear and inner ear).
  • Meniere’s disease.
  1. Central(neurological)causes(causes that lie outside the ear)
  • There are few rare diseases where in vertigo is one of the symptom like migraine,epilepsy,multiple sclerosis,hyperventilation,low cardiac output…etc.

Clinical Features:

The set of symptoms appear to be different for peripheral and neurological(central)vertigo.

  • Usually paroxysmal comes in intervals and suddenly
  • Sever type of vertigo with short duration that is the attack lasts for few seconds to minutes.
  • Tinnitus(ringing of ears),deafness is common,vomiting is marked and absence of other neurological abnormalities.


  • Rarely central vertigo is paroxysmal.
  • Not severe with long duration.
  • Deafness is rare,tinnitus is also rare,vomiting absent,presence of neurological abnormalities.