CureFactor for Urinary tract infection (UTI)

Urinary tract infection (UTI):
UTI is a common genitourinary disease commonly caused due to bacteria called E.coli and condition is characterised by hectic rise in temperature,rigor,loin pain,painful and frequent micturition (acute attack). Recurrent episodes of infection after acute attack associated with frequency of urination,dysuria,loin pain and unexplained fever.

UTI causes are divided into acute cause and chronic cause
Acute cause are:

  • Few of causative organisms of UTI are E.coli,staphylococcus,klebsiella,candida,proteus,enterococci predisposing factors of UTI.
  • Common in females compared to male,enlarged prostrate,neuropathic bladder,urinary tract calculi,polycystic kidney disease,diabetes mellitus,vesico-ureteric reflex,bladder catheterisation.

Chronic cause are:

  • Mal-treated acute urinary tract infection,urinary obstruction(enlarged prostrate,stricture,stone),stasis in bladder(cystocele,neurogenic bladder,vesico-ureteric reflux),polycystic kidney disease,diabetes mellitus.

Symptoms of acute UTI are fever,with rigors,malaise,nausea,vomiting,pain in loins,flanks,frequent,burning urination,dysuria,haematuria Symptoms of chronic UTI are Tiredness,Lassitude,Recurrent fever,Pain in loins,Frequent urination,Dysuria. In chronic UTI there may be rise in blood pressure,mild anaemia.


  • Renal calculi,Hypertension,Chronic renal failure.


  • Plenty of fluids,Regular voiding of urine,Maintain alkalinity of urine,Local hygiene,Salt restriction,if blood pressure is high,Protein restriction,if blood urea is high.

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