CureFactor for Tropical sprue

Tropical sprue:
Tropical sprue is ailmentary deficiency in gastric secretion and inability to absorb adequately glucose,calcium and certain other constituents. Tropical sprue is characterised by flatulence,fatty diarrhea,sore throat,weight loss and anaemia.

Tropical sprue is common in middle age people, Tropical sprue is common in middle age group individual
and in females especially pregnant women.
Tropical sprue is common in hot,damp costal climate,Tropical sprue is common in rainy weather.
Predisposing factors of Tropical sprue are prolonged residence in endemic area and hills,chronic dysentery,mucous colitis.

Clinically Tropical sprue is characterised by insidious onset with symptoms like diarrhea(fatty),weakness,weight loss.
GIT(gastro-intestinal tract) symptoms are soreness of mouth,tongue red and inflamed,superficial erosions involving buccal mucosa and tongue,excessive salivation. Stools are initially watery,later on pale,pasty,bulky,foul and frothy.
paraesthesia,with numbness and tingling,tetany in advance cases due to calcium deficiency.
appearance of skin in Tropical sprue-muddy complexion,patchy pigmentation over malar region,nails brittle and ridged,clubbing present.

Main emphasis is to treat the patient as whole rather than on a single therapeutic measures,complete rest,diet should contain proteins,low fats and carbohydrates like milk,curd.avoid spicy food,alcohol, change of environment is always advantageous.

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