CureFactor for Tinea unguium


Tinea unguium(onychomycosis)
Tinea unguium is one of the common dermatology (skin) disease categorised under fungal infection. Tinea unguium is defined as fungal infection of nails resulting in deformed nails.


  • Causative fungus is trichophyton.

Clinical Features:

  • Tinea unguium is slow developing skin disease onset being insidious accompanied with itching and irritation.

How the lesions look

  • Tinea unguium is usually asymmetrical lesion affecting the nails. Fungus enters the nail through free margins,nail bed is pushed up from nail bed due hyperkeratosis. Tinea unguium spreads towards root of nail. Nails become opaque ,brittle,deformed.


  • Chronic course takes time to cure.
  • Cure is very slow and uncertain.

General Management:

  • CUREFACTOR: avoid cutting the edge nails to deeply,always keep your nails short as possible.
  • General hygiene and keeping the nails dry and clean.
  • Complete removal of nail in severely infected nail to avoid spread.