CureFactor for Tinea corporis


Tinea corporis:
Tinea corporis is common dermatology (skin) disease, categorised under fungal infection and is superficial fungal infection. Tinea corporis is fungal infection of non hairy exposed areas.


  • Causative fungus – Trichophyton
  • Tinea corporis is very common in hot humid weather.
  • Tinea corporis is spread through infected fomites (fomites are substances other than water and food contaminated with infectious discharge of patient and is able to capable of contaminating healthy individual like towels,pencils,spoon,cup,close contact etc.

Predisposing factors-very commonly seen in person who sweats in excessive.

Clinical Features:

  • Onset of Tinea corporis is insidious accompanied with intense itching.

How the lesion looks

  • Tinea corporis starts as small circular scaly patch like most of fungal infections with patch rose pink to vivid red in colour.
  • Margins Tinea corporis are well defined,inflamed.
  • In Tinea corporis usually spreads peripherally that is away from centre.
  • In Tinea corporis lesions run on one other looks like one big lesion.
  • The speciality and key note of Tinea corporis is there is clear in the centre of the lesion that means its not involved in centre more peripherally.


  • Prognosis favourable if predisposing cause are corrected.

General Management:

  • Tinea corporis is spread through fomites,infected persons clothing to be washed with hot water and dried in hot sun.
  • As a rule keep the affected part clean and dry.