CureFactor for Tinea capitis


Tinea capitis

Tinea capitis is fungal infection of scalp characterised by scaly lesions with varying degree of inflammation and alopecia(baldness).


Causative fungus

  • Microsporum audouini

How the lesion spreads

  • It commonly spreads through direct contact and use of combs of infected individual.

Clinical Features:

Tinea capitis is of three type:

  • Scaly ringworm.
  • Black dot ringworm(trichophyton).
  • Pustular ringworm(tricophyton microcide).

Common symptoms of tinea capitis

  • Onset is usually sub acute and is accompanied with severe itching.
  • Tinae capitis starts as circuar patches with hair loss.
  • Affected skin looks faint rose pink in case of scaly ringworm,black dot appearance,covered with dry,thin greyish scales.