CureFactor for Tinea Barbae


Tinea Barbae:

Tinea barbae is one of the dermatology(skin) disease and is categorised under fungal skin infection. Fungal infection of beard area of face and neck.


  • The causative fungus is trichophyton endoectothrix.

Clinical Features:

  • Tinea barbae is usually of insidious onset


  • Tinea barbae is accompanied with itching,pain and discomfort in affected area(face).

How the lesions look

  • Tinae barbae starts as nodular swelling in beard region resemble very much like boils. Th ecentre of the lesion is filled with pus with loosen of hairs,hairs easily come out when pulled. Discharge of pus on pressure,pus dries up forms scab.


  • Self limiting condition.
  • Healing slowly.
  • Suppuration kills the fungus and eventually cure is achieved.

General Management:

  • Remove loose hairs using a forceps.
  • Keep the affected area clean and dry.