CureFactor for Tension Headaches


Tension Headaches:
Tension Headaches a common problem seen in India. Tension Headaches is diffuse pain characterised by pain over the head and approximately 80 % of headaches are Tension Headaches.
PATHOLOGY– Sustained muscular contraction causing stretching of muscle nerve endings,compression and traction of scalp blood vessels. Tension headache for example due to work disappears one’s you are done with the work.


  • The exact cause is not known.
  • Predisposing causes are stress,anxiety states,depression.
  • Tension headche is common in adolescents and middle aged.

The onset of symptoms are insidious and Clinically,Tension headache is characterised by pain over the head which is bilateral,diffuse type of pain and pain starts from back of head and neck,spreads to fronto-temporal area in a band like pattern. pain is described by patient in several points with a single finger. character of pain is dull aching,sensation of tightness and pressure as if head surrounded by a tight band,as if head squeezed,as if needle or knives driven in. intensity of pain is mild to moderate. pain worse from fatigue,lack of sleep,noise,emotional stress,sustained physical strain eg driving,typing,overstudy.headache is associated with anxiety,tension,depression.

Reassurance to the patient,explanation to the patient about the nature of the headache ,correct the predisposing cause,daily muscle relaxation exercises,adequate physical and mental rest,adequate sleep,maintain general health,avoid coffee,alcohol,tea.


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