CureFactor for Syncope


Syncope is not a disease its a symptom that is very commonly experienced by many. Syncope is defined as transient sudden loss of consciousness and postural tone due to acute decrease cerebral blood flow.
Syncope is very commonly seen in school going Children’s(especially girls) because of not having their breakfast in the morning(hypoglycaemia).


  1. Vasovagal syncope – commonly seen in susceptible individuals due to emotional and physical stimuli like fright,pain,exhaustion,hot atmosphere,long period of standing in one position.
  2. Carotid sinus syndrome – commonly seen in elderly individual who wear tight collar shirts and on moving neck either to left or right brings on syncope(CUREFACTOR: avoid wearing tight collar shirts).
  3. Cough syncope – this is commonly seen in an individual who suffers from chronic cough,especially paroxymal cough with sudden cough brings on syncope .
  4. Micturition syncope – commonly occurs in male individuals who have urinary tract infection.
  5. Syncope due to metabolic cause
  • Hypoxia – decrease oxygen demand especially seen in high altitudes can bring about syncope.
  • Hypoglycaemia – commonly occurs in an individual who is diabetic patient and also in an individual who has not eating sing long time or prolonged period of syncope can bring about syncope.
  • Hysterical syncope – commonly seen in an hysterical women,which of psychogenic origin.

General Management:

  1. In Vagovagal syncope attacks and syncope in general-immediately lie the individual at once in recumbent position so that blood pressure for cerebral is restored.
  2. Cough syncope- the underlying cause should be treated that is to treat the cough.