CureFactor for Social Phobia


Social Phobia:
Social phobia is psychological disorder,common and frequently phobic neurosis seen in adolescent. Social phobia means a fear of being evaluated or scrutinized by others and due to which patient fears to go out,meet new people rather prefers being alone.


  • Most of the psychiatric disorders cause is unknown
  • Predisposing factors like borderline personality disorder were the person has normal intelligence,but lacks in emotional,economic,occupational and social adjustments.
  • Social phobia is common in adolescence.

Mechanism of developing social phobia:
The only reason why person develops social phobia is lack of self-confidence in social encounters. The reason y person loses his self-confidence could be because of first time experience of anxiety,that anxiousness keeps him away from meeting people and fails to adjust in social encounters.

Clinical Features:

  • Social phobia symptoms occurs when the person involving personal interact with others.
  • First thing that develops is anxiety which is manifested as blushing,shyness,palpitation,sweating,tremors,stammering-Fear that he might get embarrassed in front of others.
  • Anticipation of humiliation.
  • Due to his bad first time experience,he starts avoid social interactions like writing or reading in front of others fearing he would trembling while writing or stammer will talking,fear to eat in public due fear of choking,

Complication of social phobia
Most important is dependent on others,difficulty in forming relationships,poor academic performance,social withdrawal.
Therapeutic aim

  • To decrease the fear and associated anxiety
  • To resolve the underlying conflict in the mind.

General Management:

  • Reassurance,support and confident guidance
  • Explanation to the patient that avoid fear object or situation will gradually increase fear,will result is adverse effects
  • Educate the patient tell him the relationship between anxiety and unpleasant symptoms.


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