CureFactor for Scabies


Scabies is common dermatology (skin)disease that we get see in India especially in childrens and is one of the parasitic infection.
Scabies is contagious skin disease caused by parasitic mite and is characterised by violent itching and formation of burrows of mite(key note).


  • Causative organism- sarcoptes scabiei
  • Scabies is transmitted by close contact with infected individual and infected fomites.

Clinical Features:

  • Scabies is slow developing skin disease having an insidious onset.
  • The common site of scabies are fingers especially interdigital webs,palms,wrist,elbows,axillary folds,around the nipples,buttocks,thighs,genitalia,feet.


  • History of exposure and multiple family case suffering from scabies.
  • Violent itching especially after 4-6 weeks of infection,compelling to scratch. Itching worse during night times due to which patient is not able to sleep.

How the lesions look:

  • The characteristic feature of scabies are the Burrows. Burrows are narrow,tortuous,greyish-black line that can be seen in the affected area.
  • Point at which the parasite enters appears as black dot.


  • If scabies is left untreated even after the appearance of symptoms it may lead to compliactions like eczema,urticaria,impetigo,secondary lymphadenitis.


  • Uncompliacted cases have good prognosis.

General Management:

  • Regular daily bath.
  • Thorough drying of skin after bathing.
  • Change the clothes,bed linens daily and the infected individuals clothes and linen to be boiled in hot water,dried in sun.
  • Maintain personal hygiene.