CureFactor for Rickets


Rickets is nutritional deficiency disorder of vitamin D,which is commonly seen in childrens which results in deficient calcification and softening of bones and characterised by bone pains,muscular weakness,deformities and fractures.


  1. Lack of exposure to sunlight.
  2. Low dietary intake of food rich in vitamin D like meat,chicken…etc
  3. Malabsorption syndrome-inability to absorb vitamin D.
  4. Chronic renal failure(impaired calciferol synthesis)-parathormone has its action.
  5. Latrogenic cause.

Clinical Features:

Rickets is disorder which has very insidious onset,in which symptoms and signs take time to appear. commonly childrens are effected and is one of major problem in INDIA. common age group is 4 months to up to 2 years. sex incidence is equal.


  1. Restlessness is the marked feature of rickets which is especially worse at night. Irritability with frequent rolliung of head over the pillow.
  2. Excessive sweating especially on head worse during sleep.
  3. Delayed dentition( dentition means appearance of teeth)
  4. Delay in walking,standing,crawling
  5. Pot belly abdomen is characteristic feature with abdominal weakness look of rickets child
  6. Rickets child has large head with frontal bossing.
  7. Beading of ribs especially 4th,5th and 6th.
  8. Bow of legs and knocking knee.

General Management:

  1. To educate the patient to have diet rich in vitamin D food like egg,milk,meat…etc and also diet rich in calcium. Vitamin D helps calcium absorption so intake of calcium is also must.
  2.  The cheapest means of vitamin D is sunlight,daily exposure at least for 10 mins morning time will be helpful

Adequate exposure to sunlight,eating food like cod liver oil,fish,milk,egg yolk,butter which are rich in vitamin D. Daily requirement of vitamin D is 400IU(International units).
CUREFACTOR:  Avoid intake of cereals it interferes with vitamin D absorption.