CureFactor for Rabies

Rabies an acute viral infection caused due to the virus ‘rabies virus’.
Rabies virus affects the central nervous system,characterised by marked irritability,anxiety,fear,dysphagia moderate fever with fatal outcome. Very commonly rabies is transmitted by the bite of the dog’s saliva.


  • Rabies IS Common worldwide and cases are recorded all over the globe. In Indai,street dogs are the major cause for Rabies.
  • Rabies is caused due virus rabies virus.
  • Source of Rabies infection is saliva of rabid animal.
  • Rabies is transmitted by the bite of rabid animal.
  • Incubation period of Rabies is depend on the age,site of bite and severity of wound. It is shorter in childrens and bite on leg has longer incubation period(60 days).

Clinically Rabies is characterised by prodrome like pain,irritation at the site of the bite,fear,intolerance of loud sounds,irritability,hoarseness,difficulty in swallowing ,anorexia,nausea,headache,myalgia,mild fever.
Symptoms like excitation,agitation,hallucinations,muscle spasms,choking,hydrophobia,excessive sensitiveness to light,noise,touch and air,high fever,convulsions.

COMPLICATIONS-Respiratory failure.

Treatment of wound(animal bite)-flush the wound with water atlaest for 5 minutes,explore and remove foreign body,avoid suturing,occlusive dressing.
During symptomatic phase avoid noise,bright light,IV fluids,tracheostomy,ventilatory support in case of respiratory attacks due to respiratory muscle spasm.

Immunisation according to the rabies immunisation schedule.

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