CureFactor for Psoriasis


Psoriasis is common dermatology disease which is non-infectious skin disease having genetic and family predisposition.
Psoriasis chronic recurrent inflammatory non infectious disease of skin characterised by well circumscribed,dry erythematous macules with silvery scales on extensor surfaces(like elbow joint,knee joint..etc).


  • Exact cause is not known
  • Genetic predisposition is present
  • Psoriasis exacerbation in winter seasons and disappears in winter season.
  • Hormonal variation is seen like it appears at or on menopause and definite improvement or remission during pregnancy
  • Psoriasis is very common in non vegeterians.

Precipitaing Factors:

  • Mental stress and physical trauma
  • Fever and infection
  • Drugs

Clinical Features:

  • Psoriasis is very slow developing skin disease with very insidious onset,affecting scalp,extensor surfaces of arm,forearms,legs,trunks,joints,nails,palms and soles.
  • Key note symptom ofPsoriasis is itching is totally absent.

How to lesion looks:

  • Psoriasis starts as dry,well defined erythematous papules,symmetrical distribution with silvery scales formation over the affected arae.
  • Papules increase peripheral and coalesce.
  • Later it becomes thick plague due to accumulation of scales.

Simple tests to find out if the lesion is Psoriasis

  • Candle grease sign- when the psoriatic lesions is scratched candle grease like scale is produced even from non scaling lesions.
  • Auspitz sign-complete removal of scale produces pin point bleeding.
  • Koebner phenomenon-psoriatic lesions appear at the site of scratching or trauma.
  • Lesions heal with faint staining which disappears slowly.
  • Psoriasis affects nails causing thickening of nails.
  • Oil drop positive- brownish red areas of discolouration adjacent to nail plate.


  • Psoriatic arthropathy
  • Exfoliatiuve dermatitis
  • Hypoproteinaemia course
  • Chronic course takes time to appear and is inconstant course.
  • Appearances and disappearance is very often seen.
  • The disease part me remain to that area only or it can disappear or localise to other parts.
  • Prognosis is variable.

General Management:

  • Educate the patient and giving reassurance about his disease.
  • Avoid exposure to cold as the lesions apper during winter.
  • Moderate and warm weather is beneficial.
  • Adequate exposure to sunlight-avoid undue stress
  • Maintain good hygiene
  • Hot bath in winter.