CureFactor for Piles (Haemorrhoids)

Piles (Haemorrhoids):
Haemorrhoids is rectal condition caused due to varicosity of the veins(haemorrhoidal plexuses)of the anal canal.

Causes of Hemorrhoids are familial predisposition,obesity due to weight,pregnancy,constipation due to passing of hard stools,straining due to enlarged prostate,urethral stricture,cirrhosis,carcinoma of rectum.


  • Haemorrhoids is usually classified into internal Haemorrhoids and external Haemorrhoids. Internal Haemorrhoids are covered by mucus membrane and external Haemorrhoids is covered by skin.
  • Clinically Haemorrhoids is asymptomatic,majority of the Haemorrhoids cases show no symptoms.
  • When Haemorrhoids is symptomatic,symptoms like bleeding per rectum which is intermittent,bleeding especially during defaecation,character of blood is bright red.
  • Degree of Haemorrhoids depends on the Degree of prolapse of Haemorrhoids.
  • First degree Haemorrhoids-no prolapse of Haemorrhoids outside the anal canal.
  • Second degree Haemorrhoids-slight protrusion,only during defaecation,straining,spontaneous reduction,later on to be replaced manually.
  • Third degree of Haemorrhoids-permanenet prolapse,sensation of heaviness in rectum,mucoid discharge,pruritis,pain,if inflammed.

Complications of Haemorrhoids are profuse haemorrhage,strangulation,thrombosis.
Correct the underlying cause,avoid straining during defecation,local lubrication,sitz bath,cold compresses.

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