CureFactor for Pica (common disease seen in children’s)


Pica is common disease seen in children’s suffering with abnormal carving for undigestible foods.
Pica is defined as perverted appetite for eating non edible things like paint,clay,wall plaster,hair..etc.


  • Infants and childrens normally have strange habit of eating undigestible things upto tha age of 2 years,if it continues then its abnormal.

Persistence of habit beyond 2 years could be because of:

  • Parental neglect.
  • Poor supervision.
  • Lack of affection.
  • Deficiency like iron deficiency anemia.
  • Psychogenic disorder.
  • Parasitic infestations.

Common in low socio-economic childrens,malnourished children and mentally weak childrens.

Clinical Features:

  • Child eats non edible,undigestible things like hair,wall plasters,clay,paint…etc.
  • Craving only for undigestible food,having no desire to eat normal digestible food.
  • Due to the abnormal habit,

Child may suffer from poisoning like lead poisoning due to chewing of paint,which is alarming emergency
Trichobezoar is formation of ball swallowed hair in stomach. prognosis is good.

General Management:

  • Parents are advise to keep the child away from all non-edible things.


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