CureFactor for Pediculosis


Pediculosis is common dermatology disease is categorised under parasitic skin infection and is very commonly seen in rural areas.
Pediculosis is contagious skin disease caused by parasitic louse and characterised by irritation,scratching and formation of nits. Common Pediculosis parasite species are Pediculosis capitis,Pediculosis corporis and Pediculosis pubis.


  • Caustaive organism-Pediculus humanus.

Pediculosis is transmitted by close contact with infected individuals and through combs,head dresses..etc.

  • Age

Pediculosis capitis is common in childrens,young adults.Pediculosis corporis-adults old subjects. and Pediculosis pubis-adults.

Predisposing causes

  • Poor hygiene
  • Over crowding
  • Neglected,debilitated subjects.

Clinical Features:

  • All species of Pediculosis capitis,Pediculosis corporis and Pediculosis pubis ahve a very insidious onset.
  • Different species of pediculosis has diffrent area of affection
  1. Pediculosis capitis affects head region(especially occipital region back of the head affects abdominal wall,buttocks,thighs)
  2. Pediculosis corporis affects abdominal wall,buttocks,thighs 3. Pediculosis pubis has its affection on pubic region.


  • Local irritation
  • Itching leads scratching.
  • Patient scratches unconsciously,but with vigour.

How the lesions look:

  • All species of pediculosis have common lesion look like excoriation,scratch marks.
  • On examination of infected individual on ewould see living lice and nits firmly attached to hairs that cause severe amount of itching.
  • In neglected cases peculiar smelling from the affecetd area
  • Matting of hair with pus formation
  • Scalp covered with blood stained,dried pus.
  • Persistent secondary infection causes regional lymphadenitis.
  • Thickening,discolouration of skin.

Complications-pediculosis if left untreated my lead to complications like impetigo and eczema.

  • Uncomplicated cases have good prognosis if some of the preventive aspects are followed well.

General Management

  • Hairs to be combed with fine combs daily,the infected individuals should have seperate comb and make sure that its kept away from others.
  • Hairs to be cut short.
  • Clothes,bed linens to be boiled,dried in sun.
  • Maintain personal hygiene.