CureFactor for Osteomalacia


Osteomalacia is deficiency disorder of vitamin D especially seen in adults(in children’s it is called RICKETS). It is characterised by bone pain,tenderness,proximal muscle weakness,waddling gait and tetany.


  1. Low intake of food rich in vitamin D.
  2. Inadequate exposure to sunlight.
  3. Commonly seen in adults and females are more effected.

Clinical Features:

Symptoms : The time of onset of osteomalacia is insidious takes time to appear. First thing to be noticed is pain in bone especially dull type of pain well marked in back,thigh,lower limbs. Pain usually worse night time. Muscular weakness,anorexia,weight loss,spontaneous fractures are common.


  • Tenderness present.
  • Proximal muscle weakness.

General Management:

  1. To educate the patient to have diet rich in vitamin D food like egg,milk,meat…etc and also diet rich in calcium. Vitamin D helps calcium absorption so intake of calcium is also must.
  2. The cheapest means of vitamin D is sunlight,daily exposure at least for 10 mins morning time will be helpfull

Adequate exposure to sunlight,eating food like cod liver oil,fish,milk,egg yolk,butter which are rich in vitamin D. Daily requirement of vitamin D is 400IU(International units).
CUREFACTOR: Avoid intake of cereals it interferes with vitamin D absorption.