CureFactor for Mumps (epidemic parotitis)

Mumps (epidemic parotitis):
Mumps is highly infectious viral disease commonly seen in childrens and is one of the killer disease in India.
Mumps is defined as acute infectious viral disease,characterised by fever and painful swelling of parotid glands.


  • Mumps is spread worldwide,with cases being recorded all over the globe.
  • Mumps is caused by virus called as mumps virus.
  • Source of Mumps virus is human saliva.
  • Mumps is transmitted by droplet infection.
  • Incubation period of Mumps is 18-21 days.

Clinical Features:
Duration of Mumps is around 10 days. Onset of Mumps is sudden,fever with chill,sore throat,headache,malaise,pain and swelling of parotid region,inability to open mouth.

Complications of Mumps are orchitis(swelling of testicles),oophoritis(pain and swelling of ovaries),mastitis,acute pancreatitis,meningitis.


  • Bed rest until recovery takes place.
  • Encourage fluid diet as chewing is painful and salivation is less.
  • Maintain oral hygiene.
  • Local warmth or ice pack to swollen parotid gland.

Prophylactic Measures:

  • Immediate measures
  • Isolation of the patient till all the symptoms disappear.
  • Exclusion from school until clinical recovery affected.
  • Prevention fo close contacts.
  • Hygienic disposal of infected secretions.
  • Immunisation of MMR vaccine.

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