CureFactor for Miliaria Rubra (prickly heat)


Miliaria Rubra  (prickly heat)
Miliaria rubra is common dermatology condition that occurs especially in hot,humid weather due to over sweating which is common in hot weather.
Miliaria rubra is condition characterised by pruritic inflammatory eruptions of papules and minute vesicles at the orifices of sweat glands.


  • Blockage of sweat pores due to retention of Sweat.

Predisposing causes:

  • Hot humid weather
  • Excessive perspiration
  • Overclothing during hot weathers
  • Obesity- fat deposition is more in obese individual which brings about moire sweat on least exertion conpared to lean thin individual.
  • Working in hot and ill ventilated areas.
  • Chronic alcoholism

Clinical Features:

  • Miliaria rubra has sudden onset,affecting face,trunk,neck,popliteal and cubital fossae.

Symptoms are burning and itching.

How the lesions look:

  • Miliaria rubra starts as pin head sized papules and vesicles surrounded by erythema.
  • Lesions are discrete
  • Vesicles become opaque which dry up leaving minutes scabs.
  • Scabs desquamte without leaving any scar.


  • Miliaria rubra is self limiting condition.
  • Recurrence common on over exertion,alcohol.

General Management:

  • Wear light,loose,cotton clothes.
  • Avoid wearing of warm clothes in hot,humid weather.
  • Adequate ventilation during working time.
  • Frequent cold baths to reduce the itch.
  • Use body powders to reduce the itch like dermicool.