CureFactor for Keloid


Keloid is a rare dermatology condition due to overgrowth of damaged skin.
Keloid is condition characterised by overgrowth of collagenous scar tissue at the site of wound or trauma of skin.



  • Infection of operation wounds.
  • Burns
  • Pyodermas
  • Acne
  • Injury,ear piercing,vaccination site,injection site are secondary effects.
  • Trauma
  • Pressure
  • Friction
  • Bruising
  • Race-common in blacks

Clinical Features:

  • Keloid is slow growing lesion having very insidious onset,affecting chest(common site),arms,back,ears.
  • Itching is key note of keloid and pain

How the lesions look:

  • Keloid starts as nodule or plaque,gradually enlarges,becomes elevated lesion,firm in consistency.
  • Reddish actively growing and itchy lesion
  • The colour of lesions is dark brown
  • Claw like lesions with irregular margins.


  • First thing that bothers individual is cosmetic disfigurement.
  • There is chances malignancy.


  • Most keloid stop growing becomes stationary and less noticeable with passage of time.

General Management:

  • Individuals predisposed to keloids should avoid any knd of trauma.
  • If surgery is essential,it should be incised minimally.
  • Avoid injections and ear pricking.