CureFactor for Indian Childhood Cirrhosis (ICC)


Indian Childhood Cirrhosis (ICC):
ICC is a rare PAEDIATRIC condition commonly seen in India hence the name Indian childhood cirrhosis.
cirrhosis means liver disease characterised by irreversible liver damage resulting in hepatic cell destruction,fibrosis and portal hypertension and results in splenomegaly,haematemesis,jaundice and ascites.


  • Exact cause is not known.
  • Genetic predisposition is common.
  • It is believed to be autu-immune(production of antibodies towards its own body).
  • Viral hepatitis.
  • Common in vegetarians.
  • Use of copper utensil for cooking and boil milk.
  • Commonly seen in indian sub continent.
  • Age group 1-4 years.
  • Common in males.

Clinical Features:

  • ICC has a insidious onset.
  • ICC is classified into three stages
  1. Precirrhotic stage.
  2. Cirrhotic stage.
  3. Hepato-cellular stage.

Pre-cirrhotic stage

  • Symptoms like low grade fever,failure to thrive(failure to gain weight),irritability,excessive crying,loss of appetite,sticky diarrhea.

Cirrhotic stage

  • Symptoms like loss of appetite,vomiting,diarrhea,loss of weight,dark coloured urine,colour of stools light coloured.

Look of the patient-emaciated face,puffiness of face,marked anaemia,pitting oedema,yellowish discolouration of skin and eyes.
Hepatocellular stage

  • Extreme loss of weight,growth retardation,anorexia,swelling of abdomen due to ascites.

Look of the patient-great emaciation,deep jaundice,severe ascites,marked anaemia.

  • Complications
  • Hepatic coma.
  • Severe haemorrhage.
  • Intercurrent infection.

General Management:

  • Improvement of general health.
  • Correct anaemia.
  • Avoid usage of copper utensils.