CureFactor for Gout


Gout is disorder of purine metabolism characterised by hyperuricemia due to excess of consumption of food rich in purine results in deposition of uric acid (monosodium biurates ) in cartilage of joints and ear resulting in acute attack of ARTHRITIS.


  1. Gout is commonly seen in males.
  2. Age-35-40 years.
  3. Commonly seen in non vegetarians compared to vegetarians.
  4. Chronic alcoholics.
  5. Family history is always present.


Local trauma(especially on the big toe).
Alcoholics and dietary excess of food rich in purine.
Drugs like aspirin precipitates GOUT.

Clinical Features:
Gout is classified in two

  1. Acute gout.
  2. Chronic gout.

Acute gout

  • Onset is sudden,pain in joints which is severe,unbearable,agonising type of pain.
  • Pain which aggravates on movement,touch,cold. Pain better by rest.
  • Swelling of joints it looks inflammed along with constitutional symptoms like malaise,fever,anorexia.

Chronic gout

  • Pain in joints which is of prolonged duration.
  • Gouty tophi especially on ear lobe,joints.
  • Deformity of affected joints.


Peventive aspect is to avoid eating foods rich in purine,low purine diet,low protien diet.
Diet-avoid foods which are rich in purine like fish,liver,sweet bread,red meat,meat extracts,meat soups. food like vegetables,fruits,milk,milk products,eggs,fats,sugar,sweets and cereals are low in purine content. plenty of water,avoid alcohol intake. local heat or cold to relieve the pain.