CureFactor for Tinea Pedis and Tinea Manuum


Tinea Pedis and Tinea Manuum:
Tinea Pedis and Tinea Manuum are common dermatology (skin) disease and are categorised under fungal infection.
chronic fungal infection occurring  between toes(Tinea pedis) and fingers(Tinea manuum) and characterised by maceration,itching and burning.


Causative Fungus:

  • Epidermophytonflocculosum
  • Tinea pedis and Tinea manuum is common in summers and rainy weathers.
  • Tinea pedis and Tinea manuum both spreads through bath tubs,swimming pools.

Predisposing Cause:

  • Heavy,closed,illfitted shoes worn for longer hours.
  • Working in water eg washerwomen.

Clinical Features:

  • In Tinea pedis and Tinea manuum the onset of disease is insidious,accompanied with itching,burning.

How the lesions look:

  • In Tinea pedis and Tinea manuum the lesions start as vesicular pustule,vesicles ruptures,dries,becomes scaly.
  • Tinea pedis and Tinea manuum spreads peripheral by formation of vesicles which later dries up forming scales.
  • Sometimes Tinea pedis and Tinea manuum resemble dry eczema.
  • In chronic cases,spread to palms,soles,nails called onychomycosis,apperas liike sodde,white membrane covering a red glazed,fissured skin(cracked skin).


  • Chronic Tinea pedis and Tinea manuum are difficult to cure and dont respond to treatment especially if their is nail involvement.
  • Prognosis good with effective treatment.

General Management:

  • Keep hands and feets dry especially in individuals involved with water work.
  • Avoid wearing tight fitting shoes.
  • Cotton is to be kept between the toes and fingers at night,start using cotton socks especially for individuals who wera shoes daily.
  • Socks to be dried regularly in sun.