CureFactor for Folliculitis



Folliculitis is defined is infection and inflammation of hair follicles especially of staphylococcal bacteria.

Clinical Features:

Folliculitis is acute condition which lasts for shorter duration. favourite spots or location where you commonly see folliculitis are beard region,neck,scalp,legs,arms,pubic region,eyelashes.


  • Pain in the affected region along with itching,burning sensation.

How the lesions look

  • Folliculitis is superficial lesion that is it arises within the epidermis not involving dermis. Folliculitis starts as superficial pin headed sized pustules. lesions are discrete. Lesions have a pit in centre where you can see the hair follicle, lesions keep appear on other areas. Pustules rupture pus is discharge. later on like every pustular eruptions skin becomes red and swollen. Folliculitis has the tendency to reappear very often and the onset being sudden.

General Management:

  • Good general hygiene.
  • Keep affected area clean,dry.
  • Involvement of beard region avoid shaving.