CureFactor for Fluorosis

Fluorosis a condition resulting from excessive prolonged ingestion of fluoride and characterised by mottling of dental enamel and osteosclerosis.


  • Fluorosis is caused due to excessive consumption of water which has high concentration of fluoride around 3-4 mg/litre.
  • Fluorosis is common in places like Andhra pradesh,Punjab,Haryana,Karnataka,Kerala,Tamil nadu.
  • Fluorosis is common in males compared to females.

Clinically Flourosis is characterised by dental Flourosis and skeletal Flourosis
In dental Flourosis,mottling of dental enamel,loss of shiny appearance of teeth,chalk white patches form on teeth,gradually brownish-black discolouration,pitting,loss of enamel.
In skeletal Fluorosis ,symptoms like pain and rigidity of joints and spine,paraesthesia in limbs,exostoses due to irregular bone deposition along anterior borders of tibia,near tibial tubercle,near olecranon,along the medial border of scapula,near vertebral spinous processes,kyphosis(forward bending of spine).

COMPLICATIONS: Dental hypoplasia,permanent deformity and disability,spinal cord compression.

Defluorination of water,maintain good general health,physiotherapy.

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