CureFactor for Erysipelas



Erysipelas are common dermatology disease and is caused by bacterial infection.
Erysipelas is highly contagious streptococcal infection of skin and mucous membrane characterised by painful,red,well defined lesion with fever and regional lymphadenopathy(lymph node enlargement).

Clinical Features:

Onset-sudden,the location of lesion is usually over the face and extremities. Sudden rise of temperature,headache,malaise,nausea,vomiting and intense pain in affected part.

How the lesion looks

  • The lesion starts as dusky redness of affected part,margins raised,well defined. affected parts are swollen,firm,tender. Lesions are peripherally with regional lymphadenopathy. A fter few days sswelling subsides and skin becomes loose and pale. Usually erysipelas leads to complications like gangrene and septicaemia if left untreated for long time.

Course of Erysipelas

  • Resolves within few days or weeks.

General Management

  • Bed rest during fever.
  • Maintain good general hygiene.
  • Keep affected area clean and dry.
  • Good nutritious diet.