CureFactor for Enuresis


Enuresis is a common PAEDIATRIC condition that occurs in grown up childrens.Enuresis means bed wetting in grown up children who should have gained control over the bladder but have not done so resulting in involuntary bed-wetting.

Cause of Enuresis is usually classified into primary cause(localised within the bladder) and secondary cause(outside the bladder).
Common cause for Enuresis are

  • Psychological disturbances-emotional disturbances.
  • Excessive enthusiastic attempts at toilet train and fail to achieve it can cause Enuresis

Organic cause(rare):

  • Urinary infection
  • Developmental abnormality

Urinart tract.

  • Spina bifida occulta.
  • Diabetes insipidus or diabetes mellitus
  • Chronic renal failure.
  • Neurological lesions.
  • Mental deficiency/mental retarded.

Clinical Features:
Enuresis is classified into

  1. Primary Enuresis.
  2. Secondary Enuresis.

Primary Enuresis:

  • Generally child starts gain control over his bladder by with 18-24 months and 4 years in case of night control. In primary Enuresis child has not at all gained control over his bladder by birth. because of which the child my suffer from emotional stress due to his habit of bed wetting especially in school going kids.

Secondary Enuresis:

  • In secondary Enuresis the child previously had control over his bladder but has lost control. sudden wetting of bed in child of age 3-5 years due to infection or emotional stress,especially in night.
  • Whether the child is wet everyday depends on circumstances like if the child is staying away from home say in aunties place or grandparents place.


  • Majority of children improve as they grow old with or without treatment.

General Management:

  • Reassurance to parents about the problem,and make them understand that the condition will improve as the child grows old.
  • If the child wets the bed be soft with him dont ounish or make the child feel ashamed about.
  • Child should be given assurance from the aprents if they scold or punish him the child me become tense and anxious,may result with persistance of Enuresis.
  • Avoid drink more water in night time.
  • Child should be made to pass urine before getting to bed.
  • Bladder training.
  • Child is taught to control his bladder.