CureFactor for Duodenal Ulcer


Duodenal Ulcer:
Duodenal ulcer is common gastrointestinal disorder characterised by dyspepsia,pain(hunger pain). Duodenal ulcer is caused due to ulceration of mucosal lining of duodenum which is because of excess of secretion of HCL acid more than normal level.

Cause of duodenal ulcer is classified according to the clinical types of duodenal ulcer that is acute cause and chronic cause.
Acute cause-severe burns,septicaemia,surgery,iatrogenic cause like drug abuse of steroids.
Chronic cause-exact cause is not known.
Predisposing causes are genetic predisposition,infection with helicobacter pylori,hormonal irregularity especially in womens,anxiety prone personality,mental stress,irritants like smoking,alcohol,spicy food,irregular meals,miscellaneous cause like cirrhosis,hyperparathyroidism.
Age group-duodenal ulcer is common in the age group of 40 years and below.


  • Upper abdominal pain
  • Onset 1-3 hours after food,location is epigastrium towards the right,radiation to chest,character grawing and burning,worse at night,empty stomach,better by food, milk and antacids, haematemesis,melena ,weight gain due to frequent eating to relieve pain, periodicity,exacerbation in winter,remission during summers.


  • Acute-Perforation, severe haemorrhage.
  • Chronic-Pyloric stenosis, penetrations into pancreas, gastric carcinoma.

Correct the cause, bed rest during acute phase,regular hours of rest and sleep, avoid excessive fatigue, avoid undue mental stress.


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