CureFactor for Dental caries


Dental caries:
Dental caries is Dental (teeth) problem,a condition characterised by decay,decalcification and disintegration of teeth.

PATHOGENESIS(how dental caries develop)
The sequence of dental caries

  • Bacteria in mouth cause fermentation.
  • Formation of acids from carbohydrates inservices around the teeth.
  • Acids decalcify inorganic enamel.
  • Proteolytic organisms destroy organic matrix left after decalcification.
  • Cavity formed extends into pulp.
  • Secondarily infection and decay.
  • Suppuration with abscess formation.

Predisposing Causes

  • Food stagnation.
  • Ingestion of fermentable carbohydrates eg bread,honey,sweets especially not brushing in the night which is protective meanS for not suffering from dental caries.
  • Lack of roughage.
  • Abnormal development of teeth and jaw
  • Deficient calcification.
  • Common in age group of 4-8 years.

Clinical Features:
Site of affection-place where food can stagnate.

  • Toothache.
  • Foul odour from mouth.


  • Plaque

Consists of food debris,bacteria,epithelial cells and mucin
Tough,difficult to remove,grows back after it is removed quickly.

  • Yellowish brown discolouration.
  • Pieces of enamel break away during chewing.
  • Cavities form in the teeth which has dark brown surface and progressive increases in size.

General Management:

  • As a rule brush your teeth after meals.