CureFactor for Corns


Corn very common dermatology condition that affects skin area especially pressure sites.
skin is usually divided into epidermis,dermis and subcutaneous layer,in epidermis is further divided into different layers and corns affects the horny layer of stratum corneum.
Corn is localised painful hypertrophy of horny layer of epidermis of skin.

Intermittent pressure and friction over prolonged period

  • Ill fitting foot wear.
  • Foot deformity.

Clinical Features:

  • Corn usually has a very insidious onset,affecting especially presuure sites over the heads of first and fifth metatarsal bones,heel


  • Symptoms like pain in feet or heel on standing or walking
  • Variations in temperature,especially cold dampness which cause spontaneous pain.

How the lesions look:

  • Corn starts as conical papule which extends downward into skin and is localised lesion.
  • Flesh coloured lesion with surface smooth,consistency firm,intensely tender.


  • Persistent is underlying mechanical problem is not removed.

General Management:

  • Correct the underlying cause.
  • Wear well fitted,comfortable shoes.