CureFactor for Chronic Laryngitis


Chronic Laryngitis:

Persistent inflammation of larynx causes long standing hoarseness of voice.


Recurrent attacks of acute laryngitis overuse of voice especially seen in teachers,public speakers and is one of the occupational hazard. smoking is one of the predisposing cause of chronic laryngitis allergic attack, few individuals are susceptible to certain allergens like dust,pollens…etc, and repeated exposure can lead into chronic laryngitis. other upper respiratory tract infection like chronic sinusitis can cause repeated attacks of laryngitis leading into chronic laryngitis.

Clinical Features:

Long standing hoarseness of voice is the characteristic symptom of chronic laryngitis. change in the quality of voice,spasmodic cough with light expectoration,sore throat,foreign body or irritation sensation in the throat followed by difficulty in swallowing.

if left untreated chronic laryngitis can lead to complications like total loss of voice(aphonia).

General Management:

Rest to the voice,avoid talking and rest your voice will be helpfull in early recovery. If smoking is the cause or the triggering factor stop smoking. Steam inhalation. Avoid cold things be it in form of food or drinks. Start with warm water immediately.