CureFactor for Chronic Bronchitis


Chronic Bronchitis:

Prolonged and repeated attacks of acute bronchitis resulting in cough with expectoration,dyspnoea on exertion, bronchospasm.
criteria to call it chronic bronchitis.
Above mentioned symptoms at least for three consecutive months in a year for more than two successive years.


Predisposing cause for chronic bronchitis:

  • Smoking as a rule is the main cause for majority of respiratory diseases
  • Exposure to damp,cold weather.
  • Occupational hazards seem to be the cause for long standing chronic bronchitis. individuals working as in case of traffic policemen, individuals working in industries,individuals working on field may have more chances of end up with chronic bronchitis.
  • Any kind infections like viral or bacterial in cases of untreated upper respiratory tract infections(URTI) like sinusitis,rhinitis…etc.
  • Familial predisposition is usually positive.

Clinical Features:

Any chronic disease takes time to appear hence chronic bronchitis has a very insidious onset(slow to appear)
symptoms aggravating with either exposure to cold weather(winter) or smoking brings about cough is first thing we notice in case chronic bronchitis. The character of cough in chronic bronchitis is mucoid or mucopurulent. Dyspnoea on exertion is marked feature of chronic bronchitis.fever is usually absent and only present during an acute attack.
chronic bronchitis if left untreated can lead into complications like emphysema(distension of alveoli),bronchiectasis,mechanical cause due to long standing cough hernia(protrusion of internal content to outer surface) can occur.

General Management:

  1. Stop smoking if smoking is the cause for the disease for early recovery.
  2. Avoid eating foods served cold,avoid drinking cold water or anything that is cold is to be avoided.
  3. Keep yourself warm
  4. Start drinking warm water.
  5. Steam inhalation for temporary relief
  6. Regular early morning breathing exercises will be helpfull
  7. If occupational hazard is the cause simple precautions like wearing masks working in ventilated place will avoid the disease occurrence.