CureFactor for Chilblains


Chilblains is common skin condition that occurs on exposure to cold.
Chilblains is condition characterised by exudative erythema and swelling of affected area due to exposure to cold.


  • Chilblains is caused due exposure to cold
  • Predisposing causes
  • Poor peripheral circulation
  • General ill health
  • Vasomotor irritability
  • Individual who are fat and individuals who are thin strung,nervous subjects are susceptible to suffer Chilblains easily.
  • As a rule commonly seen in cold areas like kashmir,shimla and in winter weather.
  • Common occurence more in females due to their hysterical and sensitive predisposition.

Clinical Features:

  • Chilblains is acut condition which has immediate onset on exposure,affecting toes,fingers,ears,tip of nose all exposed area that can catch cold easily.


  • Chilblains symptoms are intense,distressing itching and burning pain.
  • Chilblains is worse from change from cold to hot.

How the lesions look

  • In Chilblains the affected part looks dusky red,cold,bilaterally symmetrical.
  • Oedema of affected parts,heals with change of weather
  • Mild desquamation occurs at site of lesion leaving brownish mark on resolution.


  • Ulceration


  • Prognosis is good
  • Recurrence is seasonal which is common.

General Management:

  • Avoid exposure to cold.
  • Keep your feets warm by wearing warm shoes and gloves.
  • General improvement of health.
  • Washing hands and feet with warm water.