CureFactor for Chickenpox (Varicella)


Chickenpox (Varicella):
Chicken pox is an infectious disease commonly seen in childrens and is one of the killer disease of India especially in childrens.
Chicken pox is an acute highly infectious viral disease caused by herpes virus and is characterised by mild fever and appearance of eruptions in crops.

Chicken pox is spread worldwide,with cases being recorded all over the globe.
Chicken pox is caused by organism called varicella zoster virus.
source of infection of Chicken pox virus is seen on the skin lesion of infected individual and respiratory discharge of infected person.
Chicken pox is transmitted by direct contact and by droplet infection.
predisposing causes- immuno-compromised individuals,overcrowding
Incubation period of Chicken pox is 15-21 days.
The period of infectivity is 7 days before the onset of rash and 7 days after appearance of last vesicle.

Clinical Features:
Chicken pox is divided into two stages

  1. Prodromal stage
  2. Eruptive stage

Prodromal stage
Duration of prodromal stage is 24 hours with symptoms like sore throat,mild fever(38 degree celsius),malaise,headaceh,bodyache.
Eruptive stage
Duration of eruptive stage is 8 days.
eruptions appear on 2nd day,with centripetal distribution of eruptions,first seen on trunks,upper arm,neck,upper part of thigh,face:last seen on extremities. Initial rash is maculopapular then develops into vesicle,pustule. scabs are form within 48 hours. new rash keep appearing every 2 days. itching is present with cervical lymph node enlargement.

Complications of Chicken pox are impetigo,pneumonia,encephalitis,thrombocytopenia.

Bed rest,cut nails to avoid bleeding when scratch due to itching.

Immediate measures
Isolate the patient till all the lesions are crusted,prevention of close contacts,hygienic disposal of infected secretions.


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