CureFactor for Carbuncle



Carbuncle is one of the common dermatology disease, categorised under deep seated skin eruptions and is infectious disease commonly caused by bacteria staphylococcal. Carbuncle is multilocular,suppurative and extension of furunculosis into the subcutaneous tissue(skin is divided into epidermis-dermis-subcutaneous tissue) characterised by intense induration and sloughing.


Commonly associated with diabetes mellitus and common incidence more in male.
Clinical Features:

  • Carbuncle tend to be slow in onset,the common location of carbuncle are nape of neck,back,buttocks.


  • Fever and pain of the affected part.

How the lesions of carbuncle looks like

  • Carbuncle starts as painful,indurated swelling with affected area dusky red,very tough,tender and has the tend to increase in size gradually.
  • The centre of the lesion is soft and multiple pustules appear at periphery.
  • Foul smelling pus,ulceration with slow healing and permanent scar remains.


  • Carbuncle can prove fatal especially in elderly and debilitated subjects if not treated early.

General Management:

  • Correct the underlying cause.
  • Control diabetes mellitus.