CureFactor for Callosity


Callosity is rare dermatology condition which results in thickening of skin. It is superficial skin disease.
Callosity is defined as circumscribed,localised,painless thickening of epidermal layer of skin.


  • Callosity is skin condition where in the superficial layer that is epidermis is thickening occurs
  • Constant repeated and prolonged presuure and friction of skin

Clinical Features:

  • Callosity usually has a very insidious onset,affecting points of friction like soles,feet and hands which are subjected to continues friction.

How the lesions look:

  • Callosity is convex thickening,rounded contour,tallow coloured
  • Thickness diminishes at periphery.
  • Gradually melts away into adjacent normal skin.


  • Callosity can not resolve if the underlying mechanical problem is not removed.

General Management:

  • Correct the underlying cause.
  • Use of doctor chappals to relieve undue pressure.
  • Avoid undue pressure of the affected part.