CureFactor for Anal Fissure

Anal Fissure:
Anal fissures are common rectal condition caused due to trauma to the anal canal. Anal fissure is defined as elongated painful crack in skin lining the lower part of anal canal.

Anal fissure is caused mainly due to trauma to the lower part of anal canal especially due to passing of hard stools. Few conditions like ulcerative colitis,crohn’s disease,syphilis,tuberculosis are secondary cause Anal fissure.


  • Clinically Anal fissure is characterised by pain in ano and bleeding per anus. Pain in ano,the character of pain is agonising,starts during defaecation,becomes severe after passing stools,lasts for hours. Bleeding per anus is slight,bright streak of fresh blood on stools.
  • Complication- chronic Anal fissure

Correct the cause,avoid being constipation drink lots of fluid,have semi-solid,bland diet,local lubrication,sitz bath.

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