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Amoebic dysentery:
Amoebic dysentary is one of the tropical disease caused by entamoeba histolytica. Amoebic dysentary is chracterised by frequent,foul smelling,bulky,semisolid,mucoid stools,with pain over colonic region. Amoebic dysentery affects the large intestine.


  • Amoebic dysentery is spread worldwide,and is sporadic in nature.
  • Amoebic dysentery is caused due to protozoan entamoeba histolytica
  • Source of infection Amoebic dysentery is human carriers.
  • Amoebic dysentary is transmitted by faeco-oral route,sexual contact in homosexuals.
  • Amoebic dysentery spreads by 5 means(abbreviated as 5F’s)fly,food,fluid,finger,fomites.
  • Incubation period of Amoebic dysentery is 1-2 weeks.

Clinically Amoebic dysentery is divided into:

  1. Acute Amoebic dysentery.
  2. Chronic Amoebic dysentery.

In acute Amoebic dysentary,the onset of symptoms are acute. It begins with mild diarrhea,with 10 or more stools containing mucus and bloody streaks in 24 hours,abdominal pain,initially diffuse later on involves left iliac fossa(abdomen region). Symptoms of Amoebic dysentary lasts for 1 week if untreated. Constitutional symptoms like weakness,loss of appetite,occassional nausea and vomiting.
In chronic Amoebic dysentary,due to excess of food intake and alcoholism,symptoms like repeated episodes o0f passage of stools alternating with constipation. Stools contain mucus and blood streak,abdominal discomfort,dyspepsia,loss of appetite or sometimes feels exceedingly hungry.
nausea usually immediately before or after meals,flatulence:worse after meals and better by evacuation or by passage of flatus,heart burn and acidity.
Other general symptoms like dull headache,loss of social interest,loss of sexual interest,weight loss,lassitude.

Perforation of colon,haemorrhage,amoeba,amoebic liver abscess,amoebic typhlitis.


  • Bed rest
  • Diet-encourage eating of bland food like bananas,rice,curd.
  • Immediate measure isolation of patient especially if the patient is working in food factories and requires working with packing of foods should be kept away from work till the patient is declared complete recovered.
  • hygenic disposal sewage,pure water supply,fly control.


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