CureFactor for Allergic rhinitis


Allergic rhinitis:

Allergic rhinitis is hypersensitive reaction of nasal mucosa to certain types of substance that results in nasal congestion.

Cause : 
Allergy is hypersensitive reaction of body to certain types of substances,specifically hypersensitive to nasal mucosa is defined as allergic rhinitis.
Allergic substances are of two types

Exogenous(substance that are around us)

  • Inhalants: Dust,feather,animal hairs,molds,pollens,fumes.
  • Ingestants: milk and milk products,eggs.
  • contactants:perfumes,sprays.
  • Iatrogenic: hypersensitive to few drugs like aspirin.

Endogenous(arising within the body)-any type of infection.

Clinical Features:

Allergic rhinitis are usually of two types

  • Acute type( lasting for short time period)

Onset is sudden,naslal itching,violent paroxysmal,profuse watery nasal discharge.
itching and irritation in the eyes.
headache some times.

  • Chronic type(lasting for a longer time period with recurrence of acute symptoms very often)

persistent nasal stiffness
excessive muciod discharge
occassional episodes of sneezing and watery discharge from nose.

General Management:

Identify the allergen and try stay away from it or atleast lessen its use in daily life.