CureFactor for Acute Panic Attack


Acute Panic Attack:
Acute panic attack is psychological disorder and is one of the type of neurotic disorder.
Acute panic attack is sudden,paroxysmal,unpredictable attacks of sever anxiety that are usually accompanied by severe physical symptoms.


  • More prone to anxiety prone individual.
  • Young adults are more prone to Acute panic attack.

Pathology of  Acute panic attack:

  • Panic attack are trigger by stimulation of adrenaline secretion in response to stress and danger and results in activation of fight or flight. Failure repression. Acute panic attack leads to appearance of physical symptoms,due to which tha patient starts get fear of disease and cause more anxiety. person able to feel his heart beating-brings fear in him that something is wrong with him-this fear cause anxiety-heart rate increases more-this keeps making him more anxious.

Clinical Features:

  • Onset of an attack of Acute panic attack is abrupt.
  • At the time of the attack patient is doing his normal work like eating,writting,reading.
  • During the attack of Acute panic attack great apprehension,fear,intense fear,hyperventilation,choking,dizziness,faintness,trembling,nausea,chest pain,abdominal discomfort,palpitation,sweating.
  • After the attack feels fatigue for several attacks after the attack ends.

General Management:

  • Reassurance
  • Relaxation training (exercises to relax skeletal muscles and regulate breathing.)
  • Anxiety management training to reduce anxiety by meditation,relaxation,distraction and reassurance.



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