CureFactor for Acute Laryngitis


Acute Laryngitis

Acute inflammation of mucosal linings of larynx which is characterised by sore throat and hoarseness of voice.


Cause of laryngitis is due to bacterial infections and viral infections. most of time the cause for laryngitis is exposure to dust,fumes,dust pollutants…etc enters through mouth and first thing to be affected is the larynx. immunity plays a positive role,usually people who have stronger immunity rarely suffer from laryngitis.

next thing that can cause laryngitis is exposure to cold,damp weather and also drinking icy cold water can cause inflammation of larynx.
apart from the external causes mentioned,one of the most important internal cause is overuse of voice which cause laryngitis(usually chronic case).

Clinical Features: 

The two most characteristic feature of laryngitis is sore throat and hoarseness of voice. Other symptoms are tickling in the throat,sensation of lump in the throat,aphonia(loss of voice),paroxysmal dry,irritating cough and difficulty in swallowing.

General Management:

  • Acute laryngitis usually requires precautions.
  • Early morning gurgles will be helpful
  • Give some rest to your voice avoid talking.
  • Steam inhalation
  • Avoid cold and hot spicy foods and drinks.
  • Don’t allow your throat to dry up keep sip warm water in between.