CureFactor for Acute Bronchitis


Acute Bronchitis :

Acute Bronchitis is defined as inflammation of the mucosal lining of bronchial tubes.
Acute bronchitis is characterised by fever,purulent expectoration and loud rhonchi(heard through sthethoscope).
bronchial tubes are the passage of air into respiratory tract that conducts air into the lungs.


Acute bronchitis is lower respiratory tract infection mostly caused due to untreated upper respiratory tract infection(URTI) like sinusitis,laryngitis..etc.
besides the untreated URTI,common causes of Acute bronchitis are viral infection(hemophilus influenza) and bacterial infection(pneumococcus,staphyllococcus aureus)
weather changes like cold damp weather,dusty weather.
predisposing causes like complicating other disease like measles,pertusis.

Clinical Features:

  1. Constitutional symptoms like fever(38-39 celsius),malaise
  2. Cough expectoration is initially scanty,difficult and mucoid as it progresses becomes copious,easy and mucopurulent.
  3. Sore feeling behind the sternum which is worst on coughing
  4. Tightness of chest.
  5. Dyspnoea(difficulty in breathing)
  6. Wheezing.

The progress of the disease(prognosis) is usually good,mild attacks last for 7-10 days where in persistent early morning cough remains for another 1 week, severe attack lasts for 3-4 weeks.

General Management: 

  1. Bed rest
  2. Steam inhalation.
  3. Avoid exposure to cold as it may aggravate the attack.