CureFactor for Acute Appendicitis

Acute Appendicitis:
Acute Appendicitis is acute inflammatory condition of appendix,and is common abdominal condition characterised by constant pain in right lower abdomen,vomiting and fever.

The cause of Acute appendicitis is not clearly known. however,diet(low residue diet),social status(middle and high class),familial susceptibility,obstruction to the lumen of appendix by faecolith,stricture,worms,excessive use of purgatives. Causative organism of Acute appendicitis are E.coli,enterococci,streptococci. Acute appendicitis increasingly common during childhood and adolescene and the maximum incidence is seen in the age group of 30-40 years.

Clinically Acute appendicitis is classified into

  1. Non obstructive type(slow developing)
  2. Obstructive type(fast developing)

Symptoms of Acute appendicitis are pain,vomiting,fever,abdominal pain. Acute appendicitis has a abrupt onset. Abdominal pain is more over the umbilicus(key point),then localises to the right iliac fossa. The character of pain is contant,severe type of pain,which is worse on coughing. Anorexia,constipation,vomiting-short duration,stops immediately after stomach is empty.

Complications of Acute appendicitis-appendicular abscess,perforation,gangrene,peritonitis.


  • Acute appendicitis is acute condition.
  • Diet-initially nothing by mouth,followed by fluid,easily digestible diet,gradual progression to solid foods,maintain fluid,electrolyte balance.

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