CureFactor for Acne vulgaris


Acne vulgaris:
Acne vulgaris is common dermatology disease and is commonly seen in adolescent age.
Acne vulgaris is defined as chronic inflammation of pilo-sebaceous follicles commonly seen in adolescents characterised by comedons.


  1. Seborrheic diathesis- seborrhoeic diathesis is tendency towards seborrheic affections.
  2. Hormonal imbalance- especially during puberty,menstrual irregularities adn individuals depended on contraceptive pills.
  3. Occupation-working in oily,greasy preoccupations.

Predisposing causes:

  • Naaemia,eating food rich in fat and starches,excessive use of cosmetics,intestinal stasis(constipation).

Clinical Features:

  • Acne vulgaris are seen to appears and seen especially during adolescent age,having insidious onset and having affection more on face,neck,upper part of chest,back,shoulders and buttocks.


  • Local pain and tenderness,sometimes itching.
  • Acne vulgaris are symmetrical lesions.

Acne vulgaris  is commonly seen in two phases

  1. Primary lesion also called comedones.
  2. Secondary lesions.

Primary lesion:

  • Acne vulgaris appears as plug composed of dried sebum,epithelial cells and keratinous scales filling the pilo sebaceous canal which blocks the normal passage of sebum.
  • Initially acne vulgaris appears as white dot later on the content sulpur content of sebum gets converted into sulphide by the action of sulphide and appears as black dot(black head).
  • The comedon formed when squeezed cheesy matter comes out of it.
  • Primary lesions are usually inflamed.

Secondary lesions:

  • In this phase two acne vulgaris is seen as papule(acne papulosapapulosa) and nodule(acne indurata)

In acne papulosa firm red coloured,bean sized papules gradually resolve leaving no scar marks,but if the papules get secondarily infected the papule turns into pustule which when heals leaves a scar mark.
In acne indurata firm peri follicular nodule is formed which is of bluish red in colour,may transform into cyst,which persists discharging thin purulent fluid. scarring is seen in psychoneurotic individuals who keep picking acne.


  • Rarely few develop keloid(hypertrophied scar mark) on chest.
  • Girls especially teenagers go into anxiety state and loose self esteem and confidence
  • People go into depression concern about their looks.


  • Frequent recurrence is commonly seen

General Management:

  • Give them reassurance
  • Adequate rest,sleep and relaxation because sometimes inadequate sleep can cause genral health issue which can trigger acne lesions.
  • Diet is important in acne vulgaris avoid junk,oily food,food rich in fat…etc
  • Fresh fruit juice,vegetables.
  • Wash your face twice daily.
  • Avoid cosmetics it can haarm your face
  • Dont pick at the acnes
  • Cut nails short.